How long does a parent pay child support in the state of Florida?  In general, most people think child support automatically ends when the child reaches the age of majority, which means turning eighteen years old.  However, this isn’t always true.  

Before 2010, child support did not automatically end when a child turned eighteen years of age.  The older law required a parent paying support to obtain a new court order when the child turned eighteen, either modifying or ending the child support.  In the statute passed in 2010, the court must provide dates when the child support obligation should be modified or terminated.

Florida Statutes regarding family law allow support to continue for a child if the child remains dependent on his or her parents because of physical or mental incapacity that occurred prior to the child turning eighteen, or if the child is still in high school.  If the child is still a high school student, he is not only expected to perform well in school, but he is also expected to graduate before he turns nineteen years old.

Child support will also end with the emancipation of a child.  A court will order the emancipation of child in order to remove the child from his parent’s control before the age of eighteen under certain situations when the court feels it is in the best interest of the child. 

When a child marries or joins the service before the age of eighteen, the support will also end.

A Florida family law or divorce lawyer can answer any questions you may have concerning modifying or ending child support.