Marrying couples are long overdue for removing the stigma associated with prenuptial agreements. When will we stop regarding this critical legal aspect of marriage as merely ‘taboo’ and start recognizing it for what it really is – an intelligent arrangement between responsible adults.

We learn pretty early on in life that not everything is a fairytale. We need to wake up each morning and take responsibility for our own lives; going to work, paying the bills, making decisions that support our long term wellbeing. Prenuptial arrangements are part of the same package deal, however anti-romance they might seem by nature.

The reality is that 50% of marriages will fail in this current climate of marriage – one could certainly argue that having a prenuptial agreement in place is simply a matter of favoring the odds. We’re lucky that we have the ability to dissolve our marriages, especially when you consider how divorce used to be managed in America.

Divorce rates didn’t really increase until the turn of the 20th century. Prior to this time, it was taboo to divorce your husband or wife – even in cases of domestic violence or adultery. Once society reached a point where tradition was no longer regarded more closely than common sense, it became more acceptable for people to seek out a divorce.

What’s the point of this abbreviated tour through history? It’s simply that it’s only a matter of time before good judgment supersedes traditional expectations. Not to oversimplify the difficult subject matter of a prenuptial arrangement, but any responsible adult should welcome their partner’s wish to pursuit this aspect of their marriage.

You can’t plan for the unexpected so don’t find yourself left holding the bag if and when you’re headed for divorce. It’s time to stop approaching the subject of prenuptial agreements like a condemnation – in actuality, it’s ensuring you still have a foundation to stand on in later life.