When moving through complicated divorce cases, the children are often briefly forgotten. Amidst all of the property arguments, child support claims, and accusations, it can be tough to hear the child’s voice. That is the purpose of a Guardian ad Litem.

mother and her sonA Guardian ad Litem can be appointed by the court to be the official voice of the child. In this instance, the Guardian ad Litem visits the family’s home and reports back to the court about the true best interest of the child. They are brought onto the case to be the advocate of the child. They are to be unbiased in regards to the parents, but always on the side of the child.

Outside of divorce cases, a Guardian ad Litem may be appointed for the same purposes: to make sure the child is being cared for properly. This can occur in child abuse cases, neglect cases, foster children, child custody battles, or any other court instance where there is a concern for the well-being of the child.

In instances where the child is lacking emotional support in their life, the Guardian ad Litem is oftentimes a mentor, friend, confidant, and more. They move beyond a court-appointed figure and into filling a void for a child in need.

The Florida program for Guardian ad Litem allows Floridians to volunteer to become a child advocate. They provide this unique opportunity so that caring, competent individuals can help make sure every child is cared for in the best way possible. More information on becoming a Guardian ad Litem can be found here: http://guardianadlitem.org/

A Guardian ad Litem is a great court resource to use to get beyond parent accusations and make sure the child is truly being cared for responsibly.