If you find yourself in a legal situation, whether it be child support battles, domestic violence, divorce, or adoption, and English is not your first language, it is vital to find an attorney who understands you, both in language and in subtle cultural differences. As the non-English-speaking segment of the population continues to grow, the need for bilingual lawyers grows as well. Being truly bilingual isn’t just about being able to translate the meanings of words; it’s about being sensitive to differences in culture and understanding the subtleties of speech.

Although English is the primary language of the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, the meanings of certain words and their usage differs between the three countries. Within the same language, the same word can have slightly different meanings. Beyond word translation, cultural beliefs make a difference as well. Mannerisms and behaviors common to other cultures require a flexible, open mind to understand and interpret.

Especially when dealing with something as personal and sensitive as divorce, the need for an attorney who fully understands you is necessary to establish trust. Being able to fill out legal paperwork in the language in which you are fluent, and knowing that your attorney will be able to accurately translate the information, means one less thing to stress about in an already stressful situation such as divorce. The lawyers and staff at the Llabona Law Group speak English and Spanish. If you are in need of a Spanish speaking family law attorney, contact the Llabona Law Group today.

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