A recent wedding trend that is occurring more often is weddings for two.  A wedding for two involves just the bride and groom, and according to Kelly Karli the owner of Frosted Pink Weddings, these type of weddings are popping up more and more.

Regardless of the fragile state of the economy, two people in love still want to get married.  To cut expenses, some couples are not cutting out the bride’s gown, the flowers or photographer, but they cutting out the guests from their wedding.

One bonus of having a wedding that only involves the bride and groom is the absence of stress in planning the wedding.  There are no seating charts, no bridesmaids dresses to choose, no worries of offending relatives or friends, and no catering of food.  The whole focus of a wedding for two is the bride and groom.  The couple chooses what to wear, where to get married and what to eat. 

One newlywed 35-year-old Las Vegas wedding planner Andrea Eppolito, stated it’s one of her favorite trends.  Andrea showed her fondness for the new trend by choosing a wedding for two for herself when she married last year.  “It’s about you, your life, your relationship, and what matters to the two of you.  At the end of the day, it’s what your marriage should be about.” 

Although this trend may be popular with many couples today, it isn’t always popular to those friends and family members who are left out of the wedding.  Many fathers want to walk their daughters down the aisle; mothers want to see their daughter or son married and have a big reception to celebrate their union.  Family members and friends may be hurt or resentful when a loved one opts for a ‘just us’ wedding.

Regardless of one’s opinion to this new type of wedding, wedding planners say the trend is becoming more popular and is here to stay.

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