Starting today, July 2, those couples in a domestic partnership are able to register their relationship with  Volusia County.  The Volusia County Council on May 17, adopted an ordinance establishing a domestic partnership registry for those couples in a committed domestic relationship that gives the partners the right to make key medical and quality of life decisions.  Volusia County’s registry is similar to the one passed by the city of Orlando last year.

To take advantage of the program, persons living in a committed relationship need to register their relationship with the county by making an appointment at the Volusia County Revenue Division office in DeLand or Daytona Beach and fill out the Domestic Partnership Registration Affidavit.  There are several options available under the ordinance, and, thus, it is advisable for couples to read the ordinance to assist them in determining what option to be selected is best in their relationship.

Once registered, partners will be listed on the county’s website to allow entities such as healthcare facilities, correctional facilities, schools, funeral homes and cemeteries to quickly verify an individual’s domestic partnership relationship. 

When registering, both partners in the domestic partnership must present identification in the form of a Florida driver license, Florida identification card, U.S. Passport, or any other acceptable document listed in the Governor’s Reference Manual for Notaries.  There is a fee for registering for the partnership, with first time registering couples paying $50.00.  If there is a change to the registration, the first change is free, with additional changes being charged $20.00 each.