Divorce can cause stress and emotional turmoil, but it doesn’t have to be the reason you lose your sanity. Getting a handle on your emotions should be your number one priority during your divorce. This article provides helpful tips on how to maintain your sanity during a difficult divorce.

Helpful tips for maintaining your sanity through your divorce

A divorce is a loss and you should treat it as such. Give yourself permission to grieve in whatever way works for you. It’s okay to cry or to find distractions, just remember that the final stage of grief is acceptance.

keeping sanity through divorceDon’t ask “why me?”
Asking why me makes you feel like a victim and makes you focus on your pain. It also doesn’t help you heal. Instead of asking “why me?” Start asking yourself “what now?”

Being in denial doesn’t help
Denial only makes things worse, and you usually can’t stop your divorce from happening or go back in time and fix your marriage. Stay in the present or focus on the future.

Set realistic expectations
It’s unrealistic to think that you will get over the emotional pain in a few days, weeks or even months. It’s also unrealistic to think you will get everything you want in your divorce. Setting your expectations appropriately will ensure you are not disappointed.

Get moving
If you didn’t already have a regular exercise routine, start one! If you did, keep up with it. Exercising releases endorphin and can improve your mood greatly. Plus, it’s always good to have a routine and to keep yourself busy.

Talk to someone
No one should go through a divorce alone. Getting professional help is always a great idea and offers you an outlet to let out your feelings. Or just talk to your close friends or family. You need people around you to talk to, to vent to and even to make you happy and to laugh with.

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