It seems a bit odd at first: “Our divorce was just finalized. Let’s take a selfie!” Perplexing as it may be, it’s a trend that is sweeping Instagram. Called an “uncoupled” selfie, partners are taking a smiling picture together in the courthouse where their divorce is completed, and adding the hashtag #divorceselfie. Some people are attacking the trend, claiming it encourages or promotes divorce, but many of the divorced couples who have taken a divorce selfie claim that it is a only a celebration of the fact that they were able to get through the divorce amicably, without a messy, drawn-out battle. Yes, it may be bittersweet that the marriage didn’t work out, but the couple feels they did the right thing for their situation, and they did it in the right way, remaining civil and respectful toward each other through the process.

Of course, as with anything on social media, you can’t take everything you see at face value. A picture of a smiling divorced couple doesn’t mean the entire divorce process was smiley and happy, and you definitely shouldn’t compare your divorce to anyone else’s. There are inevitably tears and fights and swirling emotions in any divorce. The selfie was not taken on the day one spouse drops a bomb on the other: “I don’t want to be married to you anymore.” Every couple is different, and every divorce is different. If you are going through a miserable, drawn-out divorce, don’t compare yourself to the couple in a divorce selfie and feel bad about it.

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