Divorce has a new look in this age of technology. We have become a society driven by cell phones, computers, e-mail, and social networking, and those changes are quite apparent in today’s divorces. In an age where everything is visible and virtually nothing (no pun intended) is left to true privacy, there is very little we aren’t able to find out about one another.

Back in the day there may have been the occasion when a suspicious spouse would hire a private investigator to follow a suspected cheater around, hiding in bushes or slunk down in car seats to photograph alleged trysts. In today’s world we are visible to everyone in countless ways. Seeing into another person’s world has taken on a whole new dimension and brings with it an ease of finding out one’s deepest secrets in their on line personas.

In today’s world, the suspicious spouse or scorned lover merely has to take control of the other person’s e-mail, twitter account, or text messages. Facebook is mentioned in fully one-third of divorce cases in 2011, according to a survey by a British legal service. Finding an old flame that one has fond memories of is just a click away, unlike the days of having to actually hire someone to track down said flame.

Often before one even realizes what is happening, permanent and irreparable damage can be done. Be cautious of the people you let back into your life. Becoming part of the new look of divorce can literally just be a click away from reality.