Divorce rates in couples age 40 and over have increased significantly in the past 25 years. Researchers claim one of the reasons for this is the fact that people are living longer and wanting more out of life. Instead of staying in an unhappy marriage, simply because of one’s age and the amount of time already invested in a marriage, middle age individuals are realizing that they want to spend their remaining decades free from a relationship that is no longer working. To many, the forties represent an opportunity to analyze the success of your life and your choices, including your spouse.

However, Psychology Today claims that the longer you stay married, the less likely it is that you will get divorced. The average length of an American marriage that ends in divorce is 8 years. Older couples that have already been married at least once are more likely to divorce than older couples in their first marriage. Psychology Today also states that college educated individuals are less likely to divorce than those with a high school education or lower.

Divorce is common in all age groups, and it can be a stressful experience. Having a knowledgeable lawyer to assist you through the entire process can help make it less stressful. If you are planning a divorce, or are already divorced and need assistance with child support or child custody issues, the right attorney can make a huge difference in how your case is handled. If you are in the Orlando area, or in Central Florida, contact The Llabona Law Group today.

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