The History Channel has a show that follows Cajuns around while they hunt alligators in the swamps of Louisana.  This show, “Swamp People”, is an American reality/documentary television series that follows the day-to-day activities of several Cajuns who hunt alligators for a living.  The series was first broadcast in August of 2010, and is fairly popular as the show began its third season in February of this year.

One actor on the show, unfortunately, is providing negative publicity for the series when his fun Disney World trip turned violent.

Noces Joseph LaFont, Jr., one of the stars of “Swamp People,” has been arrested in Florida on domestic violence charges according to Orange County Sheriff’s deputies.  LaFont, who is known as “Trapper John” on the show, was staying at a hotel near Disney World with his girlfriend,  Trene Marie Planche, when they began arguing.  According to police reports, the couple who had been drinking, were outside the hotel when LaFont answered his cell phone and Planche demanded to know who he was talking to and tried to snatch the phone from his hand. 

An eye witness to the altercation, Reginald Hazzard, stated that LaFont tried to burn Planche with his cigarette, missed, and then began shaking her by both arms.  LaFont then punched  Planche in the chest.  He denied punching his girlfriend, despite the redness in her chest area.  Planche refused medical treatment and also refused to press charges.

LaFont was charged with battery and assault and booked into the Orange County Jail, where he later posted bail and was released.