As most people who have been through a divorce can tell you, the process is often messy in a metaphorical sense. Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, however, is currently facing a divorce that his soon-to-be-ex-wife is calling literally messy.

She is claiming that the house she is sharing with their 4 children is quite literally falling apart, with broken windows, leaks in the roof, a serious mold problem, and more due to the congressman’s negligence in paying for repairs.

In the papers filed with the court, Lolita Grayson is claiming that she is financially dependent on her husband, and he has cruelly cut her off, leaving her to fend for herself.

Alan Grayson’s attorney disagrees, stating that more then $10,000 a month is being paid by the congressman, for the home’s mortgage, utilities, and expenses, as well as child support, college tuition for one of their children, and more. He says that “if she is a poor housekeeper, that’s her issue, not his. For her to slant it in such a way that he is not providing his fair share is wrong and untrue.”

This is only the latest development in a rather contentious divorce. The first issue arose in March, when the congressman’s wife filed a restraining order against him after accusing him of shoving her against a door during an altercation at the house. After video evidence arose showing that the congressman was in fact being pushed around by his wife, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office found there to be no evidence supporting the claim, and dropped it.

The second big fight came about in April, when Alan Grayson accused his wife of already being married when the two of them were wed in 1990. His wife states that she was already divorced, but there is a formal hearing taking place to discover the truth of the matter. If it is found out that his wife was already married, their marriage will be considered null and void.

It is not known how the divorce proceedings will turn out, but for now, it seems the spotlight on divorce in Florida is focused firmly on the struggle of this couple.