Divorce is an extremely emotional event. Even the most level-headed of people can find themselves resorting to grudges, revenge, and petty name-calling when looking down the barrel of a divorce.

It’s understandable, too, as for many people, the events leading up to a divorce are far from smooth. In almost all cases, something happened to violently disturb the water’s surface.

However, if celebrity divorces can be used as any kind of social indicator, amicable splits are on the rise. While it may have been common (and almost expected) to dish about an ex to a news outlet or on a public forum such as Facebook or Twitter, fewer and fewer celebrity couples seem to be lashing out in anger these days.

For example, the recent news that Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin were splitting came as a huge shock to many people. Even more shocking, however, was what the family decided to do next. They took their kids on a Bahamian vacation, and the 2 are still shown wearing their wedding rings in public.

They’re far from the only celebrity couple to go through such an unfortunate change with smiles on their faces. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, who split back in October, have been going out of their ways to actually share kind words about each other.

In a world where divorce is seen as a family-shattering monster, it is immensely refreshing to see that it’s still possible to get through the process unscathed.

There’s something to it, too, as almost every study ever undertaken has shown that couples and families that remain calm throughout the entire process come out the other end in the best shape. With these recent celebrity stories plastered all over the news, here’s to hoping that other couples realize they too can avoid some of the pitfalls of divorce, and can remain friends with the person they once wed.