Years ago, the idea of a prenuptial agreement was only for the exceedingly wealthy looking to protect their fortunes. But in today’s world, prenuptial agreements are a sign of mutual trust and respect for every couple, regardless of their financial situation.

A prenuptial agreement is simply a contract between spouses written before marriage that lays out what will happen with regard to property and spousal support in the event that the marriage ends in divorce. While that doesn’t brim with romance, it does allow for protection of assets should things go awry. It may seem crazy to discuss the potential dissolving of a happy relationship while you are crazy in love, but consider this: it is a whole lot easier to discuss these financial matters while you ARE still crazy in love, rather than the possibility of needing to work things out later while you’re not particularly fond of each other, in what could become a bitter, lengthy divorce battle.

Rather than looking at the prenup as a sign of doom, it is actually a way to learn up front how your soon-to-be spouse handles finances. It also helps prepare you, as a couple, in how you intend to move forward with regard to finances. Laying financial matters bare and visible before tying the knot can be a perfect way to know in advance how your marriage will take on the strain of such things. These matters range from cash, to debt, to newly started businesses, to children from a previous relationship. All is laid out in the open so no frightening surprises rear their ugly heads down the line.

True fact: all marriages end, whether in death or divorce. Just like a Last Will and Testament guides the decisions and distribution of your property in the event of death, a prenuptial agreement guides the decisions and distribution of your property in the event of divorce. Planning ahead for the future is always wise.

Protect yourself. Learn about your intended spouse. Grow together in financial understanding. With the right attitude and an experienced family law attorney, the prenuptial process can be a painless and can bring you and your partner peace of mind.

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