Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

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Financial circumstances frequently become a point of contention in a marriage.  If you are open and frank about finances before you exchange vows, you have an opportunity to develop a mutual understanding early in your relationship.  If some decisions are made beforehand, there may be fewer reasons for argument later.  Speak with a prenuptial agreement attorney in Orlando FL for a consultation.

Prenuptial agreements are a sign of mutual trust and respect.  They offer couples an opportunity to offer full disclosure about assets and property that they bring to a marriage.  When a couple enters a prenuptial agreement, partners in a marriage protect themselves and each other.  A prenuptial agreement attorney in Orlando FL can assist you as you outline the terms of your agreement.

Couples often enter prenuptial agreements when they:

  • begin second marriages
  • have significant assets or business interests
  • want to decide in advance how to handle finances peaceably in the event of a divorce
  • wish to protect a child’s property or inheritance rights

Lusan and Nelson Llabona handle prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.  Contact a prenuptial agreement attorney in Orlando FL today.

A Central Florida Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer Can Help

Postnuptial agreements are similar to prenuptial agreements.  The main difference is that they occur after a marriage.  The same principles for a good relationship apply:  postnuptial agreements offer spouses the opportunity to be equitable and forthright with each other about their finances.  You may wish to enter a postnuptial agreement to:

  • protect yourself or your spouse from debt
  • define and protect a child’s inheritance or property rights from a previous marriage
  • outline the role finances could play in the event of a separation or divorce

Finances are an important consideration to make in any relationship.  At the Llabona Law Group, Central Florida postnuptial agreement lawyer can help you protect your marriage, your children, and your assets.  Contact us today.