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Orlando Paternity Attorney


Resolve Disputes with an Orlando Paternity Attorney from the Llabona Law Group

A paternity dispute can have far-reaching consequences.  It can mean that a father is not allowed access to his own child, or that a mother cannot collect child support.

All children have the right to support and encouragement from both parents.  If you are a father who has been denied opportunities to see your child, or if you are a mother who needs to establish paternity for the purposes of child support, contact an Orlando paternity attorney to protect your child’s rights.

Raising children is an important responsibility.  Some fathers will shirk their responsibility to their child.  With the help of capable legal representation from the Llabona Law Group, a mother can initiate the procedures necessary to establish the legal relationship between father and child.  After that, the mother can collect child support–sometimes even retroactively.

If you are a mother who has a paternity dispute with your child’s father, provide your child with the resources he or she deserves.  Our paternity attorneys can offer services in both English and Spanish.  Contact us for the legal advice you need.

An Orlando Paternity Lawyer Can Help

In some cases, a mother might deny a father the right to see his child.  If the father’s relationship with the child is not legally recognized by the State of Florida, the father could hit a dead end.  That father can establish paternity through the proper legal channels to secure his relationship with his child.  Speak with a Central Florida fathers’ rights lawyer to gain fair access to your son or daughter through a parenting plan that incorporates a time-sharing schedule.

If you are a father and your right to see your child has been denied, get help from the Llabona Law Group.  An Orlando paternity lawyer will help you protect your relationship with your child.  Contact us today in English or Spanish.