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Parental Relocation

Orlando Parental Relocation Lawyer

Parental Relocation

Enlist the Help of Capable Orlando Family Law Attorneys

Children can be affected by life circumstances even after a divorce.  For example, one parent may get a new job or remarry, and thus wish to move. If that parent intends to move a child more than 50 miles away, Florida law requires changes to time-sharing and parental responsibility agreements. Thus, legal action is sometimes necessary even after a divorce is final.

At the Llabona Law Group, we represent parents who wish to move their children, as well as parents who wish to stop their children from being relocated.  If you share parental responsibility and intend to relocate your child, or if your ex-spouse intends to move your child, contact a relocation lawyer in Orange County, Florida for important legal advice.

Caring and Aggressive Orlando Family Law Attorneys

Lusan and Nelson Llabona, Orlando Family Law Attorneys, approach child relocation with a caring and aggressive attitude.

  • When children are involved, it is always best to settle disputes without time-consuming and pocketbook-draining litigation.  At the Llabona Law Group, we can help you work out a relocation agreement that does not put your child in the middle of a court dispute.
  • Some parties do not wish to resolve or cannot resolve matters cooperatively. A capable Orlando relocation lawyer can represent your interests confidently and assertively by helping you petition the court to permit your relocation with your child. If you need to move your children more than 50 miles away, contact us for a consultation.
  • If you are the spouse opposing relocation, we can represent you against your ex-spouses request for said relocation. If you need oppose your ex-spouses move of your children more than 50 miles away, contact us for a consultation.

Your family’s unique circumstances can affect agreements or petitions to relocate your children under Florida family law.  Speak with a knowledgeable relocation lawyer in Orange County, Florida.  Lusan and Nelson Llabona can provide legal advice or representation to help you preserve your relationships with your children.