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Orlando Divorce Modification Attorney


Caring and Aggressive Family Attorneys in Winter Park/Orlando

After divorce, circumstances can change.  Perhaps you have started a new job, or your capacity to pay child support has diminished.  Perhaps alimony needs to be adjusted to fit new circumstances.  Contact family law attorneys in Orlando if you need to make adjustments to the terms of your Final Judgment or Order.

In the aftermath of divorce, circumstances can also change for children.  Time-sharing arrangements may need to be modified if they are not working out.  Perhaps an unanticipated problem at your ex-spouse’s home justifies having your children live with you.  An experienced, bilingual Orlando modification lawyer can help you act in the best interest of your child.

We know that going back to court can be intimidating.  At the Llabona Law Group, we strive to lessen or eliminate the headaches that come with divorce litigation.  We encourage all parties to divorce to come to agreement out of court, that can later be approved and ratified by a Court order.  Above all, minimizing the involvement of a court can be easier on your children.  If circumstances warrant, you may be able to negotiate new agreements with your former spouse or the child’s other parent, contact an Orlando modification lawyer today.

While we do our best to make sure that modifications to your divorce are resolved without friction, it is important to recognize that some circumstances warrant a firmer approach.  If your former spouse is uncooperative, a court will want convincing evidence that your circumstances warrant a modification.  Because we focus our practice on Florida family law, we have the experience and know-how to review the facts.

Even after divorce, a lot can be at stake if your original Marital Settlement Agreement, Parenting Plan, Final Judgment or Order does not match your circumstances.  Child support, alimony, and your relationship with your children are all important.

For additional information or advice about modifications to your divorce agreement, contact the Llabona Law Group to speak with an Orlando modification lawyer.  Lusan and Nelson Llabona offer bilingual services in Orlando and the surrounding areas.