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Equitable Distribution

Orlando Property Division Lawyer

Equitable Distribution

Caring and Aggressive Orlando Property Division Attorney Services

After a divorce, the distribution of wealth can have a profound effect on your future.  Property, debts, retirement assets, and liabilities can affect your financial security for years to come. If you need help reaching a fair agreement to protect your financial future, contact an effective and knowledgeable Orlando property division lawyer for caring and aggressive representation.

A fair distribution of property and assets can be a moving target.  The value of some assets may have appreciated during your marriage.  One spouse may have accrued more debt than the other.  Assets that one spouse brought to a marriage may or may not be subject to division under Florida law.

Lusan and Nelson Llabona can help you protect your financial future.  Contact an Orlando property division lawyer to:

  • identify financial assets that are subject to equitable distribution
  • determine which retirement assets belong to just one or both spouses
  • identify liabilities that could affect the outcome of wealth distribution
  • get help with property valuation
  • negotiate an agreement with your spouse regarding distribution of wealth

At the Llabona Law Group, we offer caring legal representation to help you end your marriage with minimal conflict.  In many cases, couples can part on good terms through an uncontested divorce.  During this process, an Orlando property division lawyer can help you negotiate fair terms regarding property, assets, debts and liabilities.

However, we also understand that some marriages end badly, and some spouses are not willing to be fair or reasonable.  In these cases, you can rely on Lusan and Nelson Llabona for aggressive representation.  If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets or has accrued excessive credit card debt, We can help you secure your assets and your financial future.

Contact us today.  We offer legal services in throughout Central Florida.