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Orlando Divorce Attorneys


An Orlando/ Winter Park Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Conflict

Divorce will affect your relationship with your children, your finances, and your retirement.  It is important to plan ahead before you file for divorce.  An Orlando divorce lawyer can explain your options clearly and simply to help you protect your interests.  If you are facing divorce, contact us for a consultation.

Moving forward with a clear plan of action can help minimize contentious court battles.  In a best-case scenario, couples can settle their divorce before mediation or at mediation without the need for an actual trial.  Through an uncontested divorce, you may be able to avoid the frustration and financial burdens that come with divorce proceedings in court.  Contact Orlando divorce attorneys Lusan and Nelson Llabona to discuss your options.

Get Advice from Orlando Divorce Attorneys

Because the decision to file for divorce is an emotional one, a husband or wife should think ahead to prepare for the best possible outcome.  Orlando divorce attorneys can help in many cases, such as:

  • If children are involved, the emotional impact of a divorce can be daunting.  If you are considering divorce, Lusan and Nelson Llabona can help your family lessen the emotional burden by helping you work out an acceptable parenting plan and time sharing schedule.
  • Finances are another important factor to consider. After you have filed for divorce, Florida Law restricts certain financial actions until a divorce settlement has been reached or the Court has entered an Order. The Llabona Law Group can provide competent legal advice as you plan for your financial future.
  • Lusan and Nelson Llabona can help you protect your rights and obtain a fair and equitable distribution of your and your spouse’s assets, including retirement assets maintained in an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), military/pension and/or a civil service pension.

At the Llabona Law Group, we can help with these and other considerations before you file for divorce.  Planning for divorce is an essential first step toward minimizing contention and avoiding battles in court.  We are available to discuss alimony, child support, paternity, and other issues.  Call a Winter Park divorce lawyer today.