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Planning for Divorce

Planning for Divorce in Orlando, Florida

Planning for Divorce

Central Florida Divorce Lawyer Firm; The Llabona Law Group

Divorce is a difficult process, and it can be more complicated and stressful without knowing the proper procedures to finalize your case efficiently and properly.  If you are contemplating a divorce, there are several things you can do in Florida to protect your interests. Create a List of Your Priorities List what is important for you to achieve in your divorce, and make that list in order of priorities, placing what is most important to you on top.  You should keep in mind that in a divorce, you rarely (if ever) get everything you want.  Therefore, a list of issues in order of priorities will keep you focused on what is important to achieve as the case progresses. Discuss with your spouse the following issues, to determine the areas of agreement and the areas of conflict:
  • What type of time sharing schedule will you and your spouse follow with respect to your children?
  • Who will remain in the marital home?
    • Will it be sold?
    • Who will pay the mortgage until it is sold?
  • Will alimony be paid?
    • By whom?
    • How much?
    • What type of alimony?
You may also consider:
  • Obtaining objective financial advice, preferably from a certified financial planner.
  • Collecting information regarding your finances, such as your tax returns, insurance policies, bank statements, benefit programs, salary information and investment accounts.
  • Opening a bank account in only your name and at a bank where your spouse does not do business.
  • If you receive an inheritance, do not place it into a joint account or joint ownership with your spouse.
  • If you receive a gift, preserve documents that show the gift was given to you personally and not to you and your spouse jointly.
  • Making sure your valuable documents are in a safe place.
  • Not saying anything disparaging about your spouse, especially if you have children.
  • Keeping lines of communication open with your spouse.  If you can negotiate a divorce settlement with your spouse without going to court, you can make the decisions rather than letting a judge decide important matters in your life.  If you believe time sharing schedule or a parenting plan involving children are going to be an issue, keep a log or journal with regards to events which transpire between you and your spouse regarding the children.  Remain involved in your children’s lives, including their activities, education, and medical care.
  • Making sure that you are certain about your marriage being irretrievably broken.  If you think there is a chance that counseling, or anything of that nature, can help resolve your marital conflict, exhaust that possibility first.  Do not file for divorce on an impulse.
If you are contemplating a divorce, contact a Central Florida divorce attorney at the Llabona Law Group. We can help.