Child Support Information

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If parents with children are separating or have separated, important issues of time sharing and child support need to be resolved. If parties are unable to come to an amicable resolution of these issues, the Court will need to address these issues based on the applicable laws of this State. It is important to remember, despite a separation, parents need to communicate and co-parent, whenever possible, for the best interests of their children.

As your lawyer, we do our best to encourage cooperation. Neither parent should disparage the other, especially in front of the children. Maintaining a cordial and civil relationship with the other parent is best for all involved, especially the children.

Let an Orlando child support attorney assist you in navigating your way through the system.

Child support

Florida Statute Section 61.13 governs the issue of child support. Florida courts use statutory guidelines (under Florida Statute Section 61.30) to determine how child support is calculated and how much you are entitled to receive or obligated to pay. The guidelines will consider the following to calculate child support:

  • The monthly net income of each parent.
  • The number of children.
  • The health insurance expense incurred to insure the child(ren).
  • The daycare expense incurred on behalf of the child(ren).
  • The number of overnights each parents spends with the child(ren) during the year pursuant to a time sharing schedule, if over 20% (at least 73 overnights in a calendar year).

By inserting the figures of the above-listed factors into the statutory formula contained in Florida Statute Section 61.30, the proper amount of child support is determined.  Let a Windermere child support attorney gather the documents necessary from the children’s other parent to assist you in calculating that parent’s child support obligation.