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Your finances may be limited–or even devastated–in the wake of divorce.  The standard of living you enjoyed while married could be compromised, or you may need resources to pay your bills and protect your credit.  A Winter Park Florida spousal support lawyer can review the facts and help you get the resources you need to begin a new chapter in your life.  Contact us to speak with an Orlando alimony attorney today.

In some divorce cases, a spouse may seek unfair amounts of alimony. At the Llabona Law Group, we can review your case objectively.  If you feel that alimony payments will diminish your standard of living or threaten your financial well-being, speak with a competent Winter Park Florida spousal support lawyer.

At the Llabona Law Group, we focus on Florida family law, including spousal support and alimony.  We offer legal services in both English and Spanish.

If any of the following scenarios fit your circumstances, an experienced Orlando alimony attorney can offer timely legal advice about alimony.  Contact us if you:

  • need to protect your financial well-being
  • want to maintain your standard of living
  • feel overwhelmed by the bills you will have to pay after your divorce
  • require economic assistance while you go back to school to become self-supporting
  • feel your divorce is contentious, and you want to cut ties with your spouse
  • sacrificed your own education by putting your spouse through school
  • were a non-working homemaker during your marriage

Through caring and aggressive representation, an Orlando alimony attorney can help you protect your finances.

Whether you are a young mother who will need extra help as a single parent, or a husband of 20 years who needs legal advice regarding your possible alimony obligation, contact us for a consultation today.