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Children need a stable family environment. The most important priority is the well-being, safety, and security of children in a family.  In other words, children need parents. An experienced family law attorney in Central Florida can provide you with competent legal representation as you initiate the adoption process.  Contact us for a consultation today.

Adoption can sometimes be a thorny process.  It can change family relationships permanently.  It could mean that parental rights must be terminated, thus affecting child custody and support.  Speak with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Orlando for timely and critical advice.  We can help:

  • a step-parent adopt a spouse’s children
  • a grandparent or other relative adopt a child in their extended family
  • non-relatives establish new families by adopting children

The process of adoption can sometimes be extensive. In some cases, Florida family law requires a home study to ensure the safety and well-being of the child.  In other cases, a biological parent must legally waive or forfeit his or her access to the child.  During every step of the process, the advice of a family law attorney in Central Florida can be essential.  Contact Lusan and Nelson Llabona for a consultation today.

Protect Your Rights with a Family Law Attorney in Central Florida

An unmarried biological father may lose his parental rights under Florida family law.  Children may be adopted if a biological father does not legally claim paternity.  In such cases, the father risks losing his relationship with a child altogether.  If you are an unmarried biological father, protect your rights with the help of an experienced family law attorney in Central Florida.

Contact The Llabona Law Group for effective representation today.  We can consult with you in both English and Spanish.