You may have thought that life with roommates was something you left behind in your college years. But as more and more middle aged people get divorced and find themselves with a mortgage and bills to pay, they are considering becoming “roomies” again.

Now, finding an adult roommate just got a little easier. Golden Girls Network, an online roommate-hunting service for “mature” audiences ages 40 and up, helps connect people (mostly women) who would like to live with another person. Founder Bonnie Moore says that many people who live alone like the idea of living with another person, but they are hesitant to seek out a roommate on their own. Here in Central Florida, there is definitely a demand for this type of service: there are about 80,000 people in the Greater Orlando area who are 55 and older and living alone.

Moore’s goal for the site is to create a positive living experience for all parties involved. She wishes to steer future housemates toward success. She herself has had many roommates since her 2008 divorce, some better than others.

Many see this as a great option for those who no longer want to live alone or cannot afford to. Getting to know a potential roommate before moving in together can save a lot of headache and stress later. It helps to know what you are getting into. But, as well as you may click with a potential roommate, it is wise to run a background check on any prospective roommates, as well as agreeing to let them run a background check on you. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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