It seems like that would be impossible but it doesn’t have to be so. Look at some of the most notably public divorces that have ended in mutual respect – Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, and most recently Katie Holms and Tom Cruise.

Nice divorce seems like a contradictory statement, but in the end if it’s possible it can make life so much easier for all involved, especially if children are involved. But even aside from kids it will make things easier on family and friends. When a long-lasting friendship-turned-marriage turns sour, it’s almost as if the friends in your shared circle are another set of children.

Children will benefit the most from a friendly divorce. Keeping your marital differences as your own rather than exposing them to your kids will help smooth the inevitably rocky road in front of them. Keeping your differences to yourself will allow the children to form their own opinions about each parental figure rather than providing them with fuel to be angry with you.

A collaborative divorce can save time and money once you’ve made the decision to part ways. To be able to have such an experience, each party must agree to avoid the confrontational side of divorce and seek a cooperative divorce. This will keep costs down and keep things out of the courtroom. Not all divorces can be so amicable. If you can’t stand the site of your soon-to-be-ex, sitting down and having polite discussion over the division of assets may not be possible. But if you can, you stand to save anywhere from 40 to 65 percent on legal proceedings. The end result means there’s more left for you and your ex to divide.