Kim Kardashian, the reality TV show star, and Kris Humphries, NBA athlete, had an extremely short marriage; seventy-two days, to be exact.  Although the two have lived apart and have no inclination whatsoever to reunite, they still remain married.  The reason for this lingering divorce battle – the divorce has dragged on for over a year-and-a-half – is because  Kris Humphries wants Kim to admit their marriage was a sham, and until she does, he will drag the divorce out as long as possible.

This puts Kim in the awkward position of finding herself married to one man while giving birth to another man’s child.  Kim is now in a relationship with Kanye West, the popular singer, though the two do not, at this time, have any plans to marry in the future. Unfortunately for Kim, the next court date for her divorce hearing may not happen until late June, when Kris’s NBA season is over.

In the modern world, conceiving and bearing a child out of wedlock is quite common and not looked down upon as it once was in times past.  However, Kim’s predicament is quite unique in that, the presumed father of her baby, under California laws, will be her husband Kris Humphries. 

California is one of twenty-one states in which a man can be the presumed father when he and the child’s mother are married and the child is born during the marriage.  Since Kim and Kris are still married and, if she is unable to obtain a divorce before she delivers, will still be married to Kris, in the eyes of the state of California, the father will be Kris Humphries.

This problem can be remedied easily enough, of course, by all three parties involved, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Kris Humphries, submitting to paternity testing  to prove who is the biological father of Kim’s baby. 

Kris Humphries hopefully will make the mature decision to agree to give Kim Kardashian the divorce she has been seeking for the past eighteen months, which will thus avoid placing Kim in the awkward position of being married to Kris, while bearing Kanye’s child.