It’s a very personal question, and the answer varies from couple to couple. Some couples continue to wear their wedding bands until the day the divorce is final, while others take it off long before the lawyers are involved.

Why continue to wear the ring? Some people see their divorce as a sign that they have “failed,” and ceasing to wear their wedding band feels like an advertisement for that. (Note: getting a divorce does not mean you are a failure!) Others may want to avoid any questions or comments from friends and acquaintances, and are not ready to disclose all the details of their divorce, so continuing to wear their wedding band just feels easier. Still others feel that until the final decree, they are legally married, and that wearing the ring is “the right thing to do.”

There are many websites out there dedicated to reselling wedding jewelry. Some people, women generally, choose to have their wedding jewelry repurposed into something new and different that they can continue to wear and enjoy. For those who are looking for something a little different, there is always the Wedding Ring Coffin. “I realized the ring that symbolized my dead marriage needed a little coffin, a final resting place for it,” says creator Jill Testa. “When I started with the idea, it was more about closure. It is very cathartic. It is also kind of funny.”

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