Can you file for divorce online in Florida? The short answer is yes, but is not as easy as it
sounds there are several steps that must be taken to file for the dissolution of marriage in the
state of Florida. We’ve outlined how to file your own divorce in Florida below.

Divorce in Florida

man onlineTechnically divorce in Florida is characterized as a dissolution of marriage and Florida residents have two options for filing. They can either go through the regular channels or use the simplified version. However, The simplified version is only available for couples who do not have children. To file for divorce, you must satisfy the following requirements.

Florida Divorce Requirements

1. The marriage is irretrievably broken: Florida is one of the few states that does not require “fault” in a divorce. Instead both spouses must agree that the marriage is
irretrievably broken. Fault may be considered in the proceedings but is not relevant for
2. Residency: To file for divorce Florida, one spouse must have been a resident of the state
for the preceding 6 months.
3. Take an online course: It may seem strange but couples with children must take an
online course before filing for divorce. The point of the course is to inform parents of their
responsibilities to their children during a divorce and to promote cordiality during the

How to File for Divorce Online

Filing for divorce online has becoming easier and easier as multiple third ­parties have
streamlined the process online. Websites like and
provide easy to use online forms to complete your divorce filing online. There is typically a fee
associated with these types of filings but it can beat waiting at the courthouse!

That being said, going through a divorce can be a long arduous process and can be very
difficult to do on your own. We recommend that you seek out the counsel of a family law
attorney before going online to file your divorce. The more proactive with your legal
representation the more prepared you will be for a court battle.

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