When a marriage lasts for over three decades, one tends to think the relationship must be a happy, committed one to endure the ups and downs of marriage for so long.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case as one New York widow discovered upon the death of her husband.

When her husband passed away in February, a 75-year-old widow was going through his belongings and paperwork as one needs to do after the passing of a spouse.  The elderly widow was shocked to discover divorce papers that showed her husband had divorced her eight years before he died after thirty years of marriage. 

The papers she discovered showed her deceased husband had been awarded an uncontested divorce after he claimed she had abandoned him after he suffered financial problems.  He created fraudulent papers detailing  her new address and the court awarded him an uncontested divorce. 

Although there is no way to ascertain why he fraudulently divorced his wife, it is thought he removed his wife from his life to allow his children from an earlier marriage to inherit his money after he died.

Fortunately, this elderly lady, with the assistance of a lawyer, was able to prove that she had never abandoned her husband and was unaware of the divorce her deceased husband had been awarded.  After the court ruled in her favor, she was awarded her deceased husband’s life insurance payout and  his pension, as well.

Whenever there has been any type of fraudulent activity associated with a marriage or divorce, contact an experienced Florida family law attorney.  A competent family law attorney will discreetly listen to your needs and help tailor a plan specific to your circumstances and situation.