There really is no “right” way to tell your spouse that you want a divorce. No matter how it is done, your spouse will likely have strong reactions including shock, denial, sadness, and anger. While there may not be a “good” way to present the news of your decision to your spouse, there are definitely some not-so-nice ways to do so, listed below. Avoid these methods at all costs!

With the prevalence of technology in our society, many interactions take place over text, email, and social media these days. Announcing you want a divorce, however, is one conversation that is better done in person. It may be easier to type “I want a divorce” than to say it out loud, but imagine being on the other end of that text message, or reading that announcement on Facebook. Ouch.

Serving your spouse with divorce papers before actually discussing it together can start the divorce process off on an ugly foot as well. Obviously, every situation is different, and in some cases this may be the ONLY way to get the divorce process going, but for the average couple, being served with unanticipated divorce papers means war.

A face to face conversation is generally the best way to break the news to your spouse. But a face to face conversation in front of the kids? Bad idea. It’s best to discuss matters with your spouse first, before breaking the news to your kids.

Of course, there is the classic “leave for milk and never come back” scenario. No explanation is needed as to why this is not a good idea. Give your spouse and kids (if applicable) the opportunity to heal and have closure.

Another not-so-good idea is suggesting a trial separation if you know you really want a divorce. Don’t drag out the inevitable and give your spouse false hope if you know that your marriage cannot be saved.

Divorce is hard, no matter what. Starting the divorce process off on the wrong foot only makes it harder. Hiring a not-so-good lawyer makes it harder yet! If you are getting divorced or considering divorce and live in the Orlando area, contact the attorneys at The Llabona Law Group. They are experienced, hardworking, and caring. They will skillfully represent you for all your family law needs.

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