There are divorces that get ugly, and then there are divorces that get UGLY. Sometimes a spouse is unwilling to cooperate, and will slow down the entire divorce process. This may be done out of spite, as a form of passive aggressiveness, or simply because the partner does not want to get divorced. Recently in the news, one man proved that there are ways of forcing a reluctant or uncooperative spouse to cooperate. Unfortunately, his methods were quite violent, and he is now facing criminal charges for his brutal actions.

For Jewish couples seeking divorce, Jewish law requires that the husband present or grant the divorce to the wife. This is known as a get. If the wife is the partner requesting the divorce, the husband must still grant the get for the divorce to be official. Of course, there are instances where the husband may be uncooperative, and may refuse to grant the get. This means the woman is unable to remarry and move forward with her life. A rabbi in New Jersey felt sorry for the women caught in this situation, and decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, things quickly got out of hand, and the rabbi admits, “I got caught up in my tough guy image.” Over the years, the rabbi assembled a kidnapping team to capture uncooperative men and essentially force them into agreeing to grant the divorce. The rabbi and his team of nine used surgical blades, screwdrivers, handcuffs, ropes, and cattle prods to torture these men into “doing the right thing” and agreeing to make their divorce official.

The judge in the case (obviously) did not agree with this rabbi’s methods of helping women obtain divorce, calling the rabbi’s services “paid vigilantism.” The rabbi was convicted of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

And you thought YOUR divorce was bad. Just be glad your soon-to-be-ex hasn’t pulled out a cattle prod yet.

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