Going through any sort of family change can be rough, whether it’s a divorce, or changing a child support arrangement, or nullifying an existing spousal support agreement. Whenever loved ones are put into the middle of a situation, it can get very stressful very quickly.

While it is understandable that a lot of that stress comes merely from the subject matter at hand, recently a group of individuals gathered to protest, saying that a lot of the difficulties are the fault of the general state of family law in Florida.

One particular individual, Ray Granstrom, was not happy with how his child custody agreement came out. He considers himself to be a loving, active father, but the state considers him nothing more than a visitor in his children’s lives.

Libertarian governor candidate Adrian Wyllie showed up at the protest as well, declaring that the current system creates “fathers that have absolutely no role in the children’s life, and these are good fathers.  And mothers, though a rarity it happens as well, who are shut out of their children’s lives.  Not for any real cause, not for neglect, not for mistreatment, but by arbitrary decisions of a court that has too much power.”

Wyllie went on to state that he thinks the power of decisions like these should not be in family courts, but rather simply left to the civil courts.

Even though there were only a few individuals who showed up to protest, the fact that there were any people who felt as if the state failed them is somewhat alarming.

Source: http://news.wfsu.org/post/critics-florida-family-courts-rally-capitol