Heather Figueroa’s ex-husband owes her $57,000 in child support.

You can imagine her surprise, then, when the Florida Department of Revenue froze her accounts and attempted to take the money from her, rather than the other way around.

Rather than being short on money, waiting patiently for legal teams to track her ex down and make him pay, she became entirely out of money and destitute, due in large part to the state’s inability to track the man down.

Figueroa is baffled by this, seeing as how he has a regularly-updated Facebook page, which lists his employer, and even his home address. She is convinced that despite the Department of Revenue (DoR)’s protestations, she herself could find out how to get to his house and show up unannounced without difficulties.

According to the DoR, however, shutting off her bank account was not an oversight or a mistake. It turns out that Figueroa’s ex-husband was still listed on the account, so they had to make sure that he was in no way still financially involved in the account.

She provided proof that she was the sole individual involved in that account, so the process began to restore her access to it. She was worried that she would have to cancel her Son’s birthday celebration at Disneyland, and that her family would have to survive on the bits of cash in her wallet, but her access was restored quickly.

She is still looking forward to that $57,000 from her ex-husband, but for now, she’s had his name removed from her account, and she is relieved to simply be able to access her own money.