When a couple is facing divorce, it can be a difficult and emotional time. Couples that have children must inevitably work out child support. As money is involved, child support can be a contentious issue. Sometimes one spouse refuses to cooperate, and may withhold child support payments out of anger.

Recently in the news, a Florida man was arrested and charged with failing to make court-ordered child support payments over a 10-year period. As of December 4, 2014, Glen Caristinos of Safety Harbor, Florida, owed $119,094 in back child support. Despite earning as much as $282,844 per year, Caristinos paid only $22,259 in child support to his child’s mother since 2001. Caristinos was charged with a Class E federal crime that encompasses unpaid child support of more than $5,000, unpaid child support for longer than 2 years, and failure to pay child support for a child living in another state. If convicted, Caristinos faces a fine of up to $250,000 and 2 years in prison.

It is important that parents protect their children’s rights. If one parent is not paying his or her fair share of child support, an experienced child support lawyer can help. With your child’s best interest in mind, a knowledgeable family law attorney will pursue your child support claims aggressively.

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