We like to highlight community agencies that are doing great work in our midst.  The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence is one of them.   They maintain a long list of 42 certified local agencies statewide;  they provide hotlines and a variety of outreach services all over the state.  You can become a member or get involved in support of their good work.  On their homepage, you can sign up for a free email newsletter, to stay abreast of the events and policies that they are involved in.

Domestic Violence is horrible in any degree.  What many victims do not realize is that they do not suffer alone.  The ripples spread and affect everyone.  There is a pattern to domestic violence that survivors and volunteers are experienced with, which enables them to respond quickly for your safety, and that of your family.  Pulling together since 1977, this coalition has created a powerful force for good in our community.   To put a stop to abuse like this requires direct, forceful action.  If you are a victim, you need their resources on your side, to put an end to it.

They address many aspects of this problem, from teen dating violence, to child welfare, immigration-related aspects, primary prevention, and many more.  They provide a number of free resources.

Llabona Law Group practices family law.  Family means home.  We are in support of strong, healthy homes and families for the brighter future of our Florida communities.