The Christmas season can be a magical time, especially for children. Every child deserves to have a fun and happy Christmas, and if The Spirit of Giving Foundation has any say, they will have one.

The non-profit organization specializes in giving kids a good Christmas, and has done so for more than 15 years. How they go about it is by finding families in need, and taking their parents to Walmart, where they are given a gift card in order to buy their children gifts.

What makes the Spirit of Giving Foundation special is that they do not ever take family history into account when deciding which families to help. While other charities might exclude a family because one of the parents has a history of drug abuse, The Spirit of Giving Foundation believes that children in those situations deserve a happy Christmas just as much as anyone else. They like to say that even kids of naughty parents deserve presents.

Their track record proves just how successful the charity has been, as well. There are hundreds of letters of thanks, some from mothers with a single misdemeanor, to single parents who work so many jobs that they never see their kids, all the way to fathers with multiple burglary charges.

The important thing, according to Spirit of Christmas Foundation founder Jim Jamieson, is that “those people need help and that’s all we really care about is that people need help. I meet the people. I listen to them. I take to heart what I see, what I hear. Then I decide if I would like to help them.”

The spirit of the season is alive and well in Florida, it seems.