The performance of the economy is tied to very many things, and when it changes, the reverberations are felt throughout numerous industries. One place that many people do not think of is in the area of family law.

With the recent economic growth, however, many states are seeing divorce numbers start to climb. Hitting a 40-year low in 2009, divorces are starting to become more popular as the country starts to get back onto its feet.

While this may sound strange, the concept actually makes quite a bit of sense. During hard times, family businesses tend to barely squeak by, and paychecks tend to shrink or disappear, reducing or eliminating expendable income. Now that incomes are rising again, and employment is easier to find, many people are finding that they finally have the means to branch out on their own.

Since the low point in 2009, the number of divorces per year has risen for three years in a row, reaching 2.4 million in 2012. The impacts of this are farther-reaching than many people think. New families are forming, houses and apartments are in higher demand, furniture and appliance sales are boosting the economy, and more women are entering the work force.

Much of this increase has been attributed to individuals who would have gotten divorced in years past, if they had been able to, but it is also expected that divorces rise during good economic times since people begin to see that their lives may be improved by filing for a divorce.

It remains to be seen what will happen in years to come, but as the economy continues to shift, so family dynamics are likely to as well.