When a marriage ends in divorce,  most former spouses go on quietly to a new life.  However, there are those divorced individuals who throw a party to celebrate their divorce.  Is this a tasteless celebration that is held as a direct and intentional insult to a former spouse, or is the event an attempt at celebrating a new start in life in a hopeful, positive manner?  That all depends on the divorce party’s purpose and how it is celebrated.

Divorce parties are held to emphasize a divorced person starting a new chapter in his life.  At times, some celebrations are hosted by both former spouses and are aimed to ease the pain and hurt feelings that have been caused by the divorce.  By celebrating their divorce, a couple can show that, although their marriage ended, they have moved on past the pain and grief, and would like everyone else to do so as well.  Couples who co-host a divorce party, share with friends and families the positive points in their marriage and then ask family and friends to support them as they move on to new paths in their lives.

There are those celebrations, however, that announce the new found single status of some divorced individuals and can be compared to a bachelor or bachelorette party.  Divorce cakes, wedding ring coffins, just-divorced banners  and divorce rings are just some of the items that one can find at these celebrations.

Whatever your opinion on the subject of divorce celebrations, according to a CNN article,  the parties look like they are here to stay as they are not only  growing in popularity, but are helping in lessening the stigma surrounding the end of a marriage.