When a divorcing couple has spent their marriage sharing all aspects of their lives with one another, it may seem strange to acknowledge that they now not only need to build a new, separate life, but need to keep many aspects of that new life private from their former partner.  Even in an amicable divorce, one or both spouses can become bitter, frustrated or angry about what took place during and after the divorce, and what was once a friendly relationship, may deteriorate into a not so friendly relationship.  Protecting your personal and financial information during and after the divorce is, therefore, very important.

One important reason for privacy in regards to both personal and financial information, is to prevent your former partner from using your information to damage your credit score, your finances or even your relationship with others.  Although we may not want to believe that a former spouse would harm us financially or personally in such a way, this is not always the case.

The first step in ensuring that your financial information is safe is to establish your own checking account and apply for your own credit cards.  By doing this, you not only establish your own credit and keep your money separate from that of your former partner, but keep your purchases and spending history private, as well.  One other financial step that is necessary is to go online and review all of your “one click” purchasing arrangements.  Various online businesses have made it easy for repeat customers to purchase items without re-entering their details.  You will need to create your own new “one click” accounts  linked to your own credit cards, which will provide just you with a list of the items  you have purchased.

Most married couples either share or know each other’s passwords for computers, online banking and such social media as Facebook.  Once a relationship ends, these passwords need to be changed to keep your personal and financial information and photos private from your former spouse.

When questioning what steps need to be taken to protect your privacy during and after a divorce, talking with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer can not only answer any questions you may have, but can provide you with the experienced legal advice and quality representation that you deserve.