Prior to no-fault divorce laws, couples could only sue for divorce if certain state-determined criteria had been met, including situations such as infidelity, abuse, incarceration, and abandonment. This forced many couples to examine other options. In the 1800’s, Indiana was the easiest place to get divorced. By the 1900’s, couples began flocking to Nevada for quickie divorces. And in the 20 years between 1940 and 1960, half a million US citizens took a trip to Mexico to untie the knot. By the early 1970’s, the Dominican Republic became the place to do it- destination divorce packages available, no residency requirements, and only one spouse had to be there. Done!

Today, because of no-fault divorce laws, couples do not have to prove they have grounds for divorce to obtain one. Yet the idea of a Destination Divorce is still out there. There are many companies that focus exclusively on this niche, offering divorce packages at locations across the globe. One of the benefits to a destination divorce, at least according to the CEO of one such company, is that the couple is isolated from all the well-meaning (but not impartial) influencers in their lives. The couple is taken out of their normal, stressful lives, and are placed in a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere. Assuming the couple can cooperate and get along, the divorce and all its details can be hammered out in a few days. Between stressful negotiations, the couple can split for a few hours and get a massage or play golf.

Of course, the (major) downside to a destination divorce is that the divorce may not be recognized here in the US. Generally, the US recognizes foreign divorces, but it doesn’t have to. There are now residency requirements for states too, meaning you may have to get divorced in your own state. The bottom line is this: while it sounds lovely, getting divorced is not as easy as simply taking a vacation. Really, what makes the most difference is having an experienced family law attorney on your side. The right lawyer can make the whole divorce process smoother and less stressful, all in the comfort of your own local neighborhood.

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