Everybody knows what a do-it-yourself kit is. Commonly called DIY, the concept means that people are sold unassembled or incomplete products, and by assembling it themselves, they are able to save a bit of money.

For things like furniture, a DIY kit makes perfect sense. Transporting a box full of pieces as opposed to a completed piece is not only easier, but also cheaper. For things like model cars, part of the appeal of the end product is in the work and the assembly itself.

However, for things like divorces, DIY kits can and often do end in trouble. For many, it is a tempting notion to shoulder some of the work themselves and save some money, but there are few things in life more potentially devastating than an ill-prepared divorce filing.

The harsh lesson of DIY kits is that often you don’t realize what is important until the time for it has already passed. For something like a divorce, that can be a catastrophic mistake.

If you have young children, or share a business together, or any other of a number of complications, a do-it-yourself kit will not be able to help you. In addition, much like do-it-yourself tax kits/programs, they will often let you file with whatever information you enter, even if it’s a lie. While a trained divorce attorney would be able to look you in the eyes and let you know that something isn’t going to fly, a DIY kit will often take whatever garbage you put into it. The “guarantees” they offer are often a lie as well, since they’re only as valid as the information you entered.

There is a good reason that divorce attorneys are such an integral part of our society. The areas of family law relating to divorce are intensely complex, and navigating them yourself can often lead to disaster. Make sure you do not take any unnecessary risks when it comes to your future, and the future of your loved ones.