Common Questions

Florida Family Law Information

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we have been asked over the years in our family law practice.  We know that the law can be complex, please feel free to contact us for further information.


  • Are there different types of Alimony in Florida?  Yes, there are 4 different types of alimony in Florida. Learn more.


  • How does the Court divide a couples assets and debts during a divorce? Through a process called equitable distribution.


  • What is a Standing Order?  A standing order is an Order entered by the Chief Judge in each circuit that applies to all cases in that circuit, regardless of the fact that said order was not entered by the Judge assigned to your case.



  • How can an unmarried father have the Court adjudicate his rights?  The father must file a petition for determination of paternity and parenting plan.


  • Can I get retroactive child support from the non-residential parent?  Typically the answer is yes.  Learn more.


  • Can I move with my minor child?  Maybe.  There are two options to consider if you are seeking to move more than 50 miles from your current residence:

             (i) you may seek the non-residential parent’s written consent in an agreement, or
             (ii) petition the Court for permission to relocate.