Does Living Together Before Marriage Affect Marriage Stability?

In this country today, about fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.  There are those who question if it would be wiser if couples lived together to see if they were compatible and then married.  In the past, if a couple lived together before marrying, it was a sign that if the couple did marry, […]

Beneficiary Designations of Other Spouse Voided Upon Divorce

When a couple gets married, each makes their various financial accounts payable to each other.  In fact, to designate someone else as the beneficiary on a life insurance or retirement account requires the signature of approval from a spouse.  Unfortunately, about half of the marriages in our country today end in divorce.  When a couple […]

Website Sheds More Light on Florida’s Laws

Although a state’s laws can be found and read online, understanding the complicated laws can be quite difficult for the average American.  In an effort to make a more user-friendly way to read and understand Florida’s law books, one foundation has created an online website to make the statutes not only more accessible to citizens, […]

Volusia County Domestic Partnership Registry Begins on July 2

Starting today, July 2, those couples in a domestic partnership are able to register their relationship with  Volusia County.  The Volusia County Council on May 17, adopted an ordinance establishing a domestic partnership registry for those couples in a committed domestic relationship that gives the partners the right to make key medical and quality of […]

Mexico Now Has Divorce Gift Cards

A Mexican law firm has initiated a campaign offering divorce gift cards. In a professed effort to make the divorce process appear less costly, less complex, and less bureaucratic, the Mexican firm, Abogados Postulantes en Sociedad, began marketing its “Libera Divorce Pass.” The pass can be purchased by friends, family, or parties to a prospective […]

Could Polygamy Reduce Divorce?

In a controversial statement, Satoshi Kanazawa asserts that polygamy would reduce divorce. Kanazawa works as an evolutionary psychologist for the London School of Economics. In a video recently made for, he claims that the major reason for divorce is Western culture’s prohibition of polygamy. In the video, he states, “humans are naturally polygynous. Successful […]

Getting a Divorce Attorney Early Can Help You to Prevent Conflicting

Divorce often brings out the worst in people. It can be one of the most emotionally traumatic experiences in a person’s life, and the pain it causes can turn to bitterness towards a soon-to-be ex-spouse. That bitterness, in turn sometimes leads people to engage in underhanded tricks. One such trick employs the ethical rules to […]

Parents of Children With Cancer Not at Increased Risk of Divorce

A recent study indicates that parents of children with cancer are not at an increased risk of divorce. Scientists in Denmark studied data on over 47,000 Danish couples to learn more about the effects of cancer on marital relationships. The study culled public registry data on 2,450 couples whose children had been diagnosed with cancer […]

Historic Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence

While domestic violence is an evil our present-day culture endeavors to eliminate, American history has not always viewed it that way. The 1868 case of State v. Rhodes illustrates our country’s previous attitude towards spousal abuse. In this North Carolina criminal case, a man was prosecuted for using a switch to hit his wife three […]

Fault and No-Fault Bases for Divorce

In order to obtain a divorce, the parties must show that grounds for the divorce exist. Many years ago, a couple would not be able to establish grounds for the divorce absent some kind of fault. Today, every state allows a couple to obtain a divorce even if neither party can be blamed for some […]