How is Paternity Established in Florida?

In Florida, when a child is born to a mother that is married, the law assumes that child’s father is the mother’s husband. If the mother is unmarried at the time of the child’s birth paternity has to be established. This article explains how to establish paternity and why it’s so beneficial to your child. […]

Determining the Best Interests of the Child in Florida

A divorce can be extremely stressful on children. Divorce courts in Florida take this into consideration in every case, leading them to consider what is in the best interest of the child in their custody decisions. There are several factors that go into determining the best interest of the child and this article will cover […]

Does Cheating Matter in a Florida Divorce?

Florida is a no fault divorce state, meaning that either party can file for divorce without providing a reason other than they don’t want to be married anymore. The marriage just has to be “irretrievably broken,” and this relieves the court from having to decide who is at fault in the divorce. Although divorces are […]

Filing for Paternity as a Mother

Father and newborn baby

In this day and age the wonders of DNA technology allow mothers to file for paternity from father’s who deny their paternity or do not accept responsibility for their child. In Florida paternity can be established one of two ways. A couple is married and the child is born during marriage. Paternity is established in […]

Paternity Test Reveals Twins Have Different Dads

It is very rare, but it happens: it is possible for twins to have different fathers. Recently, for only the third time in the US, a judge ruled that a man was only legally required to pay child support for one twin. The other twin did not share his DNA and had been conceived by […]

Paternity and Support

What happens when a father learns that the child he has raised and loved for years is not his biological daughter?  The answer to that question, of course, depends on the father in each case and also on the laws of the state in which he resides. One father in Pennsylvania, Mike, found out the […]