Does Alimony Ever Stop

In the state of Florida, alimony is typically modifiable in both amount and duration. But, in some cases alimony can specifically be non-modifiable. If a judge granted alimony that is non-modifiable or did not grant alimony at all, alimony cannot be modified or granted. This article explains the specific lifestyle changes that can allow alimony […]

If my Ex Remarries Do I Need to Keep Paying Alimony

If spouses have been married for many years, the Florida court will usually award a financially dependent spouse alimony in their divorce. Although when the spouse receiving alimony remarries, moves in with someone else or improves their financial situations, the spouse paying alimony will usually want to reduce or eliminate their alimony payments. This article […]

Same Sex Divorce Rights

Same sex marriage is a fairly new thing to the legislation in most states. This leave same sex couples to face unique challenges when it comes to same sex divorce. Because there is no specific legislation made for same sex divorce, judges must interpret laws that were made with heterosexual couples in mind. There is […]

Can Men Get Alimony?

Divorces can come along with a lot of stress and be an emotionally trying time. Households and incomes are divided and it becomes difficult to ensure everything is divided fairly. In most divorces, it is usually assumed that the man pays the women spousal support in order to help maintain their standard of living. But […]

Penalties of Ignoring Family Court Order

When a former spouse fails to follow family court orders the consequences against them can be severe. Family court orders often pertain to child custody and visitation standards. We have outlined the penalties for ignoring child custody orders below. What is Child Custody and Visitation Child custody means that person or spouse has legal guardianship […]

Proposed Alimony and Custody Changes Hit a Roadblock

Approximately 230 couples get divorced each day in Florida. With each individual case, the judge assigned tries to make things even and fair. However, because alimony has almost always been completely up to the judge’s discretion, what is considered “even and fair” varies from judge to judge. Permanent alimony has always been common in Florida, […]

The Fight Over Florida’s Alimony Laws Intensifies

Alimony has always been a controversial topic. While the reasoning behind it is very logical and sound, various interpretations of how it should be applied have been met with anger, hostility, and fear. Well, if you find yourself experiencing one of those emotions, you may be in luck. Some proposed changes to Florida’s alimony laws […]

Alimony Injustices

Alimony has been a hot topic lately. Massachusetts recently changed its out-of-date alimony laws, and now Florida and New Jersey are hoping to do the same. Before Massachusetts changed its alimony laws, the standard order for alimony in these 3 states was lifetime permanent alimony. The laws were made when the divorce rate was much […]

Man Arrested for $450k in Owed Child and Spousal Support

It seems that the tale of a spouse not paying their child/spousal support is as old as time. Even in this day and age where you can’t wiggle a toe without a GPS satellite pin-pointing your location, it seems as if people still try to get away with not paying their legally-mandated support. One such […]

Floridians Upset With State’s Handling of Family Law

Going through any sort of family change can be rough, whether it’s a divorce, or changing a child support arrangement, or nullifying an existing spousal support agreement. Whenever loved ones are put into the middle of a situation, it can get very stressful very quickly. While it is understandable that a lot of that stress […]