Same Sex Divorce Rights

Same sex marriage is a fairly new thing to the legislation in most states. This leave same sex couples to face unique challenges when it comes to same sex divorce. Because there is no specific legislation made for same sex divorce, judges must interpret laws that were made with heterosexual couples in mind. There is […]

What to Include in a Parenting Plan

If you have gone through a divorce involving children chances are you will be splitting parenting duties with your ex-spouse. It is absolutely vital to establish a good working relationship with your ex and some states even require parents to file a parenting plan with the court as a part of a child custody agreement. […]

Facebook Page to “Rehome” Foreign Adopted Kids Shut Down

Adopting a child is a permanently life-changing experience. When a couple chooses to adopt, they are saying (both legally and socially) that they are devoting the next several decades of their lives towards raising, teaching, and providing for a child. Other than certain biological factors, it is quite literally the same as giving birth. What […]

Denied for Adoption on Moral or Religious Grounds

The news that Florida may strike the ban on homosexual couples adopting, which was made in 1977, has been met with mixed response. Certain groups are all for it, calling it a massive step forward for the rights of gay couples, but certain others are opposed to it, as evidenced by the popular-vote constitutional amendment […]

Why Aren’t Teens Adopted?

We always hear about how difficult the process of adopting can be for potential parents, but what about the children? Perhaps the emotional toll of waiting for a family outweighs the legal hardships – being adopted is a major challenge for aging children in foster care. It’s difficult to wrap your mind around: separated from […]

Racism Concerns Stunt Domestic Adoptions

Florida’s international adoption rates are on the upswing. While it’s welcome news for adoptive parents in Canada, the uptick is more worrisome in America. According to adoption officials, Floridian mothers – citing very real concerns over racism – are placing children up for adoption elsewhere to escape domestic persecution. Reports show a growing number of […]

Tax Credits and Adoption

Unlike many celebrities seeking international adoptions, one celebrity adopted two children from the United States.  Steven Spielberg, the noted film director, screenwriter and producer, adopted two African-American children from the Los Angeles foster care system and then went on to establish the Children’s Action Network (CAN), a non-profit organization that is dedicated to finding permanent […]

Second Parent Adoption in Florida

When an unmarried parent adopts his or her partner’s biological or adoptive child without eliminating the parental rights of the biological parent, this is considered second parent adoption.  In Florida, second parent adoptions are treated the same as regular adoptions, which means there will be a home study, parental fitness tests, court appearances and plenty […]