Divorces can come along with a lot of stress and be an emotionally trying time. Households and incomes are divided and it becomes difficult to ensure everything is divided fairly. In most divorces, it is usually assumed that the man pays the women spousal support in order to help maintain their standard of living. But what happens if the women makes more money than the man? Does she pay alimony?

How is alimony awarded in the Florida court?

gavel for determining alimonyIn awarding alimony, the Florida court looks at need for alimony and ability to pay alimony. In that circumstance, the gender roles don’t matter, there just needs to be proof that one of the spouses needs support from the other after the divorce. There also needs to be proof that the other spouse can afford to support the other after the divorce.

Determining the ability to pay alimony and the need for alimony

There are several factors that the courts look at when determining the need for alimony in a divorce.

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