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Keep the Ring or Lose the Ring?

It’s a very personal question, and the answer varies from couple to couple. Some couples continue to wear their wedding bands until the day the divorce is final, while others take it off long before the lawyers are involved. Why continue to wear the ring? Some people see their divorce as a sign that they… Read more

Florida’s Domestic Violence Laws Changing

Earlier this year, leaders in Orange County pushed for change in Florida law. Specifically, they were looking at a few loopholes in Florida law that left domestic violence victims unprotected. The first, Senate Bill 342, is a no contact order. It was approved by the Florida senate, and will go into effect October 1. Prior… Read more

Helping Children Deal with Divorce

As hard as divorce is on adults, it can be even worse for kids. When parents divorce, kids often feel stressed, confused, scared, and angry. Younger kids, especially, have a hard time understanding what is going on. Kids may act out in different ways, including being physically aggressive and angry, unusually quiet and withdrawn, extra… Read more

What Happens to the House?

For divorcing couples, one of the hardest decisions is what to do with the family home. There are 3 main options: sell the home, continue living in the home, or one spouse stays in the home. In a really heated divorce, where the couple cannot agree on anything, coming to an agreement is even harder…. Read more

Grandparents’ Rights in the Spotlight

Many people don’t realize how few legal rights Florida grandparents have when it comes to visitation with their grandchildren. Even in situations where the child has previously lived with the grandparents, whether it be due to parents struggling with addiction, crime, or other issues, the parents still have the right to control who sees their… Read more

Postnuptial Agreements Gaining in Popularity

Prenuptial agreements can be very useful for the couples who have them. In the event of a divorce, a carefully worded, thorough prenup can streamline the entire divorce process, can change the allocation of assets in a divorce, and insures that certain possessions or funds are protected. But not every couple’s situation requires a prenuptial… Read more

Divorce Can Go Smoothly When Everyone Gets Along

The word “divorce” brings to mind some unpleasant thoughts and feelings: fighting, custody battles, sadness, money issues, spite, and pain. A relationship is ending, and things can get messy. Many people who have lived through a divorce will attest that there is a lot of negativity and anger surrounding sensitive issues like money, the division… Read more

Proposed Alimony and Custody Changes Hit a Roadblock

Approximately 230 couples get divorced each day in Florida. With each individual case, the judge assigned tries to make things even and fair. However, because alimony has almost always been completely up to the judge’s discretion, what is considered “even and fair” varies from judge to judge. Permanent alimony has always been common in Florida,… Read more

Property Division: What if I Get Nothing?

If you are planning a divorce, you may wonder how property division works. Florida law provides for an “equitable distribution” of marital assets and liabilities. This means a fair division of marital assets, regardless of whose name is on the title. But how do the courts determine what is “equitable” when it comes to property?… Read more

Dementia Preventing a Divorce Filing?

A very unique case has made the news recently in Florida. A West Palm Beach man has filed for divorce from his wife. The unique part? He has dementia. He can’t name the president, doesn’t know what year it is, and can’t recall the date of a major holiday. Is this man mentally competent to… Read more