Divorce can be a daunting process. With as much stress that accompanies it, it is important to know all the basics of getting a divorce in Florida. Here we will answer the most common questions those going through a divorce have.

How long does a divorce take in Florida?

couple getting divorceThe time it takes for a divorce to be finalized varies with every individual. If the divorce is uncontested, meaning both spouses agree on everything, it can take as little are 4 weeks. In a contested divorce the court has to decide on what the spouses don’t agree on. These divorces can take 6 months or longer.

What is the first step in getting a divorce in Florida?

The first step is filing a document called Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with the court. This document outlines the claims you have for property and child custody and must be delivered to the other spouse. If you have children, the state of Florida also requires you to attend a seminar on children and divorce.

What if you can’t afford a lawyer for a Florida divorce?

If you have a low income you may qualify for free representation from Legal Aid. If your spouse makes much more than you do the court may order your spouse to pay the fees.

Does mediation in a divorce help?

Mediation has often helped couples agree upon diving property and child custody. It is much cheaper than having to hire a lawyer. If you believe you can resolve disagreements with a mediator it will save you a lot of time and money.

Is there a residency requirement to get divorced in Florida?

One of the spouses has to have been a Florida resident 6 months before filing for divorce in Florida. A judge can determine whether you are still a Florida resident if you are living out of state.

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